Green, Green they Say…….

Green is the word these days, go green in the office, go green in the home.  Say the secret word and win $100.00.  Groucho Marx’s line from his TV show 60 years ago “You Bet Your Life”.  Today that word would be “Solar”.  The federal government, the Obama Administration, wants 6 million homes powered by solar power by the year 2020.   Lets see now, where would a good place be to put all these solar plants……Why yes, the west, the home of “wide open spaces”  The Interior Dept of the Federal Govt. has just tied up over 300,000 acres, that could have been used for mining, for the next 20 years for solar.  This includes 17 Solar Energy Zones in six western states, which trumps the mining claims that could have impeded development of solar energy sites.  These sites are on lands managed by the BLM in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and of course California.  When you fly over the southwest 20 years from now it will look like one giant mirror, that used to be “the wide open spaces”, that many of us cherish.

This brings to mind the 3 solar fields that are being developed not far from state line on I-15.  They are just off the freeway and a giant reflection seen for miles could be a traffic hazard when you are driving west on I-15.  Those of us living in the desert are always having to fight someone who does not, from closing more and more of the desert, which they are doing.  They are taking more and more for military bases, they are tearing down the history of the desert in the form of old ranch buildings, windmills, etc. because they say the buildings are not natural to the desert.  Well neither are the solar fields and wind machines that are destroying the solitude of the desert and the beauty.

Friends I am all for solar, in moderation, I am all for medical care improvement, in moderation, with care so we don’t destroy something good for something that could have been done better with a little more planning.  Let us not forget we have more oil underground in this country right now, than the rest of the world put together!  We have other forms of natural gas that burn clean and the supply is estimated to last 100 years or more!  It does not have to be solar and it does not have to be solar right now.